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Meet Franklin Bean


John is worried about adapting to his new life after his mother lost her job. With the influence and inspiration from his new friend, Franklin Bean, John finds a smile on his face once again. This magical little dog, full of surprises, will keep your imagination wondering; leaving you eager to read more Franklin Bean.

Every child will fall in love and learn from their experience shared by this adorable little dog.  Any adult will go back in time and enjoy a magical moment.   MFB 2014 Front jpeg

February 22, 2015
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Now Available!

5 STAR REVIEW! FRANKLIN BEAN is back, and cuter than ever in Secrets of The Bay, the second book in this charming, quirky children’s book series from the mind and imagination of Emmy Swain. The new illustrator, Julia Gabrielov, obviously ‘gets’ Franklin Bean and this comes across in the beautifully done illustrations. Secrets Cover B&N-Kobo

My children adored them!If you don’t know by now, Franklin Bean has a special secret, and best friends – John, a boy who took him in –  Kirby, the highly intelligent dog sidekick – and Pancho Frijole, our friendly neighbourhood superhero doggie, always saves the day! Who is this Pancho, and why is Franklin Bean never around when Pancho is? It’s a puzzle your kids will love to figure out!
In this book, the excitement rises a few notches, with Octo appearing, threatening to make trouble! Meanwhile, John starts his new school
Pancho is a brilliant character with great depth to him, which is great in a children’s book and provokes discussion after – I would love to see this book on school bookshelves and reading lists. As an educational professional, I would be happy to see that the children in my care read these stories. These books tackle serious issues such as self-esteem, bullying, teaching not to hate,  and to do the right thing when others may not be. It is written in a way to educate and entertain at the same time, which is no easy thing. These books are amazing tools for children’s development.
This book is even better than the first, and has a strong message for children woven into the amusing tale. I love these books, as do my children, and all I can add is: Roll on Book 3! ~ Rachel Dove, Kindle Book Review Team Leader
Coooooooooooool Frijoles!  Smile at someone today.  Stop the hate.  Love Yourself.  You are beautiful
A wonderful email from an Accountant and Mother:
Dear Emmy,
I was hoping to read the book to my Son’s class but my mystery reader got cancelled due to testing.
I did send the second book with my daughter since her class has been asking when the next book was going to come out.  I work lunch duty once a month and sit with the kids from time to time.  This is no lie, I’m not blowing smoke up your butt.  The children LOVE Franklin Bean.
They must have enjoyed the second book as well.  Nikita, a boy in my daughter’s class, hugged me when he saw me and asked when Franklin Bean’s next book is coming out.  You are a Rock Star!  I am very honored to have met you.  I know it’s only a matter of time before Franklin Bean becomes the next Arthur or Curious George.


What people are saying about ………….  MEET FRANKLIN BEAN:

★★★★★ This is Cool Frijoles
Author Emmy Swain has written a book any child would enjoy reading or having it read to them. It’s about moving and meeting new friends– not always easy. Franklin Bean makes it easy for John with a few unexpected surprises.
The beautiful illustrations make this book all the more interesting! Dannie Hill Author, (Thailand/ Houston)
★★★★★ Meet Franklin Bean, by Emmy Swain
This is an amazing children’s book. The book is about a young boy named John. His mother moves the family to a new town due to her job. While exploring his new area John starts to go to the beach but as he is crossing the street he hears a voice telling him to be careful. Looking around and only seeing a dog near him, John realizes it was the dog he heard. Franklin Bean, the dog, introduces himself and shortly afterwards John and his mom adopt the dog.
The story even though it is an ebook has amazing pictures that makes the book flow so smoothly. This book brings out life lessons that a child might come across like crossing the road safely, bullying and how hard it is to move away from all that you know.
This author in how she expresses the words reminds me why I read books from all genre. It is a book for all ages, not just children.
I hope to see more of Franklin Bean.” ~ Muse, Amazon Reviewer
★★★★★ “My dear you are a word magician. What an enchanting and uplifting story.”
“At this time of year we are all considering which Christmas gifts to buy. Look no further than Emmy Swain’s magical children’s book.. The tale is intended for children but it’s a universal story about how weird it can be to move to a new place and meet new people, yet this weirdness can be coped with and make you stronger when you meet a special and amazing dog like Franklin Bean. Emmy has written a captivating and enlightening story, which is beautifully illustrated by Levi Whitworth. Looking forward to hearing more about John’s adventures with Franklin Bean. “Cool frijoles” ~ Maggie, Author and observer –  Goodreads and Review Blog, Maggie’s Musings
★★★★★ Adorable dog and mystery, too!
I’m a sucker for any book about animals, but sometimes they can be a bit sappy. This one is charmingly sweet, but intriguing, too. Emmy Swain managed to pack in a whole lot into an entertaining children’s story. The illustrations are wonderful. That dog Franklin Bean is clearly up to something, and a lot of kids will be demanding “Where’s the next Franklin Bean book?” at the end of this one. ~ Author, Pamela Beason
★★★★★ Meet Franklin Bean is a Wonderful Book.
“I really enjoyed reading “Meet Franklin Bean” by Emmy Swain. Even though it is a children’s book, it had a good life lesson. My twin grandchildren were excited to get new Kindles for Christmas with “Meet Franklin Bean” on them. I have a signed copy by the author. Her mother was a member of my Woman’s Club and she came as a family member to receive an posthumous award for her mother. I knew her mother well, she used to ride with us to meetings in Virginia Beach. I knew Emmy Swain (Susan) from Twitter, so of course she asked around for me. We talked and she presented me with a signed copy. I spoke to her this morning and she is finishing up Book 2 in what is going to be a children’s series. I honestly love the book and the message. I hope your children enjoy the book also.” ~ Barbara Duke, Coach/Author
★★★★★ “Meet Franklin Bean” by Emmy Swain, illustrated by Levi Whitworth
John is a 10 year old boy who has just moved to a new neighborhood after his mom lost her job. John is going through all the fears any child would experience while moving to a new house (I remember how I did when my parents decided to move from a big city to a small town.)
The thing John is the most afraid of is that he won’t be able to find any new friends. While hanging around the park he decides to cross a very busy street but luckily is saved by Franklin Bean. Franklin Bean is a lovely talking dog that happens to be homeless. The two of them immediately become friends and make their lives much easier and happier one another.
Emmy Swain wrote a beautiful tale about friendship, hardship (unfortunately a lot of families have to go through nowadays) and change that is an inevitable part of human life. Illustrations by Levi Whitworth are very sweet & charming and give to the book additional value.
From “Franklin Bean” kids can learn about value of money, acceptance of differences and preciousness of friendship that we all need. It’s a fantastic read for parents, kids and teachers.MagdaOlchawska, Award winning Filmmaker and Author
★★★★★ Awesome with Realistic Views
This is a fantastic read for children. It shows realistic issues that are faced in everyday lives everywhere. Meet Franklin Bean is a beautifully illustrated book that covers bullying, dangers about crossing the road, building courage to find new friends, moving house & single parent family worries. My son loved the illustrations & the story about a boy finding a dog that becomes his best friend. Now he is asking if we can get a dog too! Can’t wait to read more about Franklin Bean and Pancho Frijole. ~ Katie Turner from Kindle Book Review
★★★★★ Bound to be a classic.
“I don’t have children myself, but I’m a huge advocate of encouraging kids to fall in love with books. Therefore, I try to set aside some time each week to spend reading to children. Meet Franklin Bean is a story that completely lights up a child’s face when read. It contains valuable lessons that deal with responsibility, bullying, manners, and friendship, among other topics. The artwork contained within is also excellent, and translates quite well to the e-reader platform. I highly recommend this educational, entertaining story.” ~ Author, Al Boudreau
★★★★★ Franklin Bean is Outstanding
Franklin Bean gives the reader lessons on life and how anyone reading this book, whether young or old, can learn something new. This book is appropriate from Kindergarten-4th grade….but it wouldn’t hurt middle schoolers to read this so they treat others better. I am a retired elementary teacher and a grandmother. I read this book and sent it on to my grandchildren hoping they learn how to treat others and each other. I highly recommend this book to parents, children, and teachers.”  ~ spellchecker, Barnes & Noble Reader
★★★★★ A must read for anyone who has ever loved a child or a dog!
“This is a wonderful story that illustrates the challenges that many families are facing as a result of our nations tough economic times. Franklin Bean is a very clever and loving little dog who shows everyone that anything is possible. The little “bean” will warm your heart with his love and kindness.”  ~ Rubieroberta, Barnes & Noble Reader
★★★★ Too cute!
What a cute story! Modern day super hero with a twist. Great choice for a first chapter book read for beginning readers. Important topics from bulling, being the new kid, the effect of the poor economy in the U.S. on our children and friendship. I definite recommend for ages 6 to 10. Can’t wait to see what Franklin Bean is upto next and plan to purchase the book for my niece. 🙂 ~ Dana Miller, Amazon
★★★★★ Lots of lessons about life.
“Although an adult I enjoyed reading the book a couple of times and plan to share with younger readers. Wonderful story and charming illustrations.”  ~ cc, Amazon Reader
Facebook comment: “Can not wait for the next installment. Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!”
“I got it yesterday and we read it with my 8 and 10 year old grandkids. You did a fantastic job. It held their interest the whole story. they wanted to know, WHAT IS NEXT?! For ADHD kids that is something .(They are guessing about why Franklin Bean disappears and what you know who are up to??) Caused quite a conversation here. Only great stories get talked about and you have one here. Your story is unique and well played.  ~ Laurie Wolfrom Jones, Facebook post ★★★★★★★★★★★★★e
“I just read this book to my daughter and I don’t know who loved it more. My husband came in and asked what we were talking about. I had him sit it on the second read, and he was in hysterics. What a wonderful job! There are few books in this house that all 3 of us enjoy. This is a fun book and I can’t wait to read the next one! I won’t spoil the surprise 🙂”  ~ adale, Barnes & Noble Reader
★★★★★ Highly Recommended – Fun for all ages!!
“I read this book to my nephew and I enjoyed it as much as he did. I think its great timing for the release of this book with the changes many are currently experiencing. It will make you laugh, smile and learn about treating people the way you want to be treated. You will be pleasantly suprised.” ~ Justin, Goodreads Member
★★★★★ fabuloso!
“The thing about this book is that while there is a bit of fantasy, there is also the realities of fitting in to a new neighborhood, single parenting, lack of money but loads of love. Very nice and kids will also see bullying for the stupid game it is”  ~ mae, Barnes & Noble Reader
★★★★★ Heartwarming read!
” Delightful children’s book showing that change can be positive and heros come in all shapes and sizes.”  ~ RanBru, Amazon Reader
★★★★★ you can’t help but feel good when you finish
“Meet Franklin Bean covers a host of current issues including bullying, single parenting, job loss and safety. I bought it for my granddaughter and her friend so they could read and share the journey of knowing a book together. My granddaughter loved it as much as I knew she would. This is a book about real hard problems in life and tossed in the mix is Franklin Bean who adds a dimension of what we HOPE would happen and you can’t help but feel good when you finish.” ~  Juanita, Goodreads Member
★★★★★ adorable book!
“This is an absolutely adorable book! My daughter and I can’t wait for the series to continue!”  ~ bri10knee, Barnes & Noble Reader
★★★★★ We look forward to more of Franklin Bean
“This could be one of those books we have to read every night this summer. My kids love the story and feel so much joy.  This could be one of those books you read over and over. I especially like the messages they get from the story. I think my children feel like they have found a new friend. We will look forward to more of Franklin Bean. Also find the cover and art work very attractive.”  ~ Anonymous, Barnes & Noble Reader
★★★★★ Best Summer Read
“This is a wonderful story that deals with real life situations. John’s mom lost her job and now they have to move. Their life is changing and it is very hard for both of them to adapt, especially John. Franklin Bean becomes his friend and life begins to change. Anyone who has ever loved a child or a dog needs to read this heart warming story. This would be a great book for parents, teachers, guidance counselors and psychologist.” ~ Brenda New, Goodreads Member
★★★★★  A spellbounding tale about a magical dog
This children’s book, by Emmy Swain, is about John, a young boy who has to move to a smaller house in a new, unknown area with his mother, after her loses her job and has to take a lesser paid one. John is scared, and feels isolated and alone. One day, he meets a small dog, who stops him from crossing a busy main road near his house to get to the beach. This dog is very friendly, his name is Franklin Bean…and he can talk. Franklin’s human family couldn’t look after him any longer, so now Franklin is homeless. John feels an immediate bond with the smart little dog and convinces his mum to give him a home. So now the two friends are together, and set out to explore John’s new world….
Franklin does not talk in front of adults, but being a wise dog, he advises and steers John on the right path at all times, helping him to make friends, and teaching him to listen to his mother about his healthy eating and the right thing to do. The talking dog helps John to make some new friends, and they tentatively begin their new life together, with John’s mum enrolling him at school….
Meantime a mysterious superhero called Pancho Frijoles, swoops into the small town and saves some fishermen from a ferocious storm, and then a little girl, Brianna, after she wanders off. John and his friends are in awe of this enigma and want to know more, all his little dog says is ‘cool frijoles.’
Franklin Bean and Pancho are never seen together, could Franklin Bean BE Pancho?
Or is it Kirby, Franklin’s little dog friend?
This is a delightful children’s book and it is the first in a series of Franklin Bean books to be self-published by this author. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale and the charming illustrations and feel that the characters will appeal to children of a range of ages, with the exciting magical undertones and the issues of change, new life and ‘fitting in’ being woven into the story. One to look out for in the future…. “Review…Review.” – Rachel Dove, from The Kindle Book Review
★★★★★ Highly Recommended
This is a lovely book dealing with some difficult childhood issues. Illustrations are cheerful and well done. ~ Cyn66, Barnes & Noble Reader

★★★★ Kids Need Friends and Heros

“Meet Franklin Bean” is a children’s fantasy chapter book by Emmy Swain, illustrated by Levi Whitworth. I reviewed this book for the author and she provided me with a pdf copy without compensation and asked for an honest review. I am a mother of three, former teacher, and children’s book author.
Franklin Bean deals with real, important issues that affect children and their families, everything from unemployment, moving to a new town, bullies and how a child feels about all these pressures.
John, a ten-year-old boy, meets Franklin Bean just when he needs a friend the most. Who Franklin is and how he changes John’s life is part magic, part good advice and part timeless friendships and all they mean to us.
Levi Whitworth’s illustrations are colorful, simple enough to appeal to even very young children, but also, to me, some of them even showed of John’s loneliness and confusion by the use of muted, sometimes almost non-existent backgrounds.
I especially like the way adults are treated in this book. They are respected and an important part of the story, unlike many books I have recently read. I also like John’s polite, respectful character, and how he wants to help meet his family’s needs.
Pancho Frijole was a surprise, to put it mildly, but children need heroes, especially when they feel lonely and times are tough. I look forward to seeing how the series develops and how John learns more about Franklin Bean and Pancho Frijoles, and I’ll bet Emmy Swain’s readers will, too.” ~ Mary C. Findley, Children’s Book Author, and Former Teacher.

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Magical Dog Helps Transcend Today’s Tough Problems

First of Franklin Bean Storybooks Enchants and  Transforms Lives for Kids (and The Adults Who Love Them!)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., Aug. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Get ready for a world of adventure with the beloved Boston Terrier whose magical powers come to life in the first of his superhero series, Meet Franklin Bean.

This new children’s book tells the story of how ten-year-old John transforms Continue Reading →