Meet Franklin Bean

Magical Dog Helps Transcend Today’s Tough Problems: The First of Franklin Bean Storybooks Enchants and Transforms Lives for Kids Parents wanting to help their kids navigate today’s tough challenges will appreciate the new children’s book, Meet Franklin Bean. The lovable Boston Terrier helps ten-year-old John soothe anxieties resulting from his mom’s job loss, and being bullied at school. Created as a lean-forward experience, this fun read will inspire your entire family.

Franklin Bean Secrets of the Bay

If you haven’t met Franklin Bean, you are missing out. Enjoy the most recent adventure, with the return of Franklin Bean’s alter ego, Pancho Frijole. While Franklin Bean shares Secrets of the Bay, John’s first day at his new school is not what he expected. This beautifully illustrated book introduces new characters. John finds out the difference in a true friend and a true bully. 

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Franklin Bean and Bubbie’s Bullies

In the third book of the Franklin Bean early chapter book series, John is settled in his new neighborhood and has a good friend in Addie. But all is not well. His much loved dog, Franklin Bean, goes missing before a dog rescue charity event. Panic follows. And although the bully troubles are different, they’re not over. We hear from Latino superhero Pancho Frijole’s perspective how he works to save victims caught in dangerous situations.

The multicultural cast is in for more surprises and challenges. Addie suspects the real identity of Pancho Frijole, but John can’t see the frijoles for the beans. We meet new bullies, some of the canine variety, including Lucy, a French bulldog with problems that might make her unadoptable. As part of a school assignment, John chooses to work with the canine bullies. But can he find a loving home for a dog with such serious problems?

Two things for sure—danger lurks everywhere for kids and dogs—and Pancho Frijole will try to save the day with teamwork. No matter their ages, readers will come away feeling uplifted and ready to make the world a better place.



  1. Thank you, Sher. I hope you enjoy them!

  2. Hi, Emmy, I’m just checking out the previous two Franklin Bean books. I will email you because they look like fun reads with a valuable message.

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