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John is worried about adapting to his new life after his mother lost her job. With the influence and inspiration from his new friend, Franklin Bean, John finds a smile on his face once again. This magical little dog, full of surprises, will keep your imagination wondering; leaving you eager to read more Franklin Bean.

Every child will fall in love and learn from their experience shared by this adorable little dog.  Any adult will go back in time and enjoy a magical moment.   MFB 2014 Front jpeg

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Emmy Swain believes in the magical power of animals to heal and guide the human spirit. Emmy’s creativity was poured into music as a child and young adult. It then spilled into inventing, and eventually into writing. Life lessons linked with fantasy create a book series that any age will enjoy. Emmy has captured this in a world of her own. The Franklin Bean series was born out of her conversations with her own beloved pets to help end the devastating effects of bullying. The single mother has been an inventor, restaurateur, and business owner for over two decades. “Franklin Bean storybooks are created to be lean forward experiences, encouraging children to actively relate the characters’ situations to their real-world,” Swain says. “Intuitively, the words and illustrations reach into the readers’ imaginations, where real learning takes place. Choice allows them to craft their own story.” “That’s the beauty of Franklin Bean’s magic . . . new possibilities emerge.”


  1. Franklin Bean is a delightful book. This story makes you smile and at the same time addresses issues that many children may face, such as moving to a new location, making new friends, attending a new school, bullies, and more. The ending is clever and will have you anticipating the next Franklin Bean adventure. I’ll be keeping my eye out for more Franklin Bean.

  2. Franklin Bean is the coolest dog in the world

  3. I enjoyed the book and my friend read it and said he would like to read more and we are both in our twilight years. Hope a new follow up will appear soon.

  4. LOVE this book! Wish I had a Franklin Bean in my life! 🙂

  5. Comment spoken to grandmother to type: “I loved your book. It was awesome! I liked the dog (giggle giggle). The dog is nice. The ending was good too. The best part of the book was when the dog saved the girl. I think that the boy may have been dreaming or had an active imagination because dogs don’t talk where I live, but it would be really fun if they did. Yeah! I would like to go to school and take my talking dog and nobody else would have one, that would be nice.”

  6. “Meet Franklin Bean” is available NOW on Amazon and will soon be out in Kindle and other digital devices. Thank you!!

  7. I bought 2 copies so that my 7 year old granddaughter and her best buddy can read them. They just started a book club to read and discuss books. Not only does this book address real life issues (bullies, leaving for new homes, stretching money for food, safety on roads to name a few) but it also adds a talking dog/superhero! It reminded me of a book I read in grade school. Miss Molly the Mop. Miss Molly talked when the main character ( a young girl) was about. She was adjusting to being with relatives for the summer and having new glasses…drats. I felt young again reading this book and will recommend it to my friends. I will also get Charlotte and Ellanor to give me feedback for you. Nothing will be as meaningful as the voice of a child …:):)

  8. I hope it will be published within two weeks. It will be available on Amazon and several ebooks. Check back soon, and thanks for your patience!

  9. where will the book on Franklin Bean be available

  10. I am glad you like my site and the book cover. Please check back soon for your first edition of “Meet Franklin Bean”

  11. Thank you Donna! I would love to send you a signed copy. Please keep in touch, Emmy

  12. I hope you will “Meet Franklin Bean” very soon! I will send you an email when it’s published. Thanks!

  13. How much longer until Meet Franklin Bean is out?

  14. Jenni and I love this story and the cover is just perfect. We can not wait to get that special copy, Jenni will treasure it forever. You know she loves her Mami Susie.

  15. Love the cover! I think it will get a lot of attention. Your such a good writer Emmy.
    Wish you much success with your book. I would like a signed copy.

  16. I like the foot prints in the sand.. and the sail boat with franklin looking out… it is very attractive.. jtc

  17. Thanks Carl. I plan to do just that! Please check back soon for your first edition of “Meet Franklin Bean”

  18. Story sounds good. Put some Twitter and Facebook share buttons so it’s easy for me and others to post Ur page on social networks!

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